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Brand Strategy

Creative Directing

“Pasha presented to the WNBA Rookies on Draft Day and offered on site support. Her knowledge, insights, and communication style is valuable and highly regarded. Additionally, Pasha has an impressive and unique combination of collegiate athletic experience and business savvy that I think makes her an excellent resource and invaluable asset to the team.”


WNBA Basketball Operations & Player Relations
Branding and Career Transition Workshop

“From the moment Pasha spoke, she captured the attention of the audience and several gravitated to her after the program for more information and individual advice. The attendees asked if we could have Pasha back again to further her discussion about the importance of setting goals, never giving up, pursuing non-traditional careers and not being afraid to pursue one’s dreams. Pasha has a genuine talent for motivating people that she is just beginning to realize.”


Former VP of Player Development, NBA

Public Speaking

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