I help entrepreneurs and professional athletes with creative solutions that support them in reaching their brand and business goals.


Who is Pasha Cook?


In 2015, Pasha founded a consulting firm PNC Enterprises which later became the design agency- I Creative, an International creative solutions agency that supports business professionals and elite athletes in building and expanding their brand identities through media services, lifestyle product design, and consulting.  She has been on an unstoppable path to success ever since.



Pasha also made history in 2018 when she became the first female college outreach speaking ambassador for the NFL.



In 2019 she played an intricate role in creative directing an international documentary launched by the Yao Ming and the Chinese Basketball Association. She has also been recognized by Chinese publications as a leading brand strategist for foreign athletes. 



Culture Culture, a lifestyle brand that embodies the values of Love, Creativity & Compassion for all Cultures was the first in-house brand created under the IC agency in 2020.


Pasha has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, Houston Business Journal, Huffington Post, and MSNBC. 


"Our focus is simple. We create stories that are engaging, educational, and inspiring. 


I'm on a mission to help others share their stories in a way that is authentic, engaging and inspiring. 

Most people are overwhelmed and confused when it comes to clarifying their brand identity. Many stumble with articulating their brand's storyline and connecting that storyline with lifestyle products that speak to their community of support. .  For over a decade, my consulting business has helped me build and enhance longstanding, trusting relationships with entrepreneurs all over the world.

PCA has created distinctive ways of empowering professionals like yourself to increase your confidence and decrease your frustration when it comes to building your brand identity and strategically directing your focus. 


We continue to support our clients in overcoming their brand and design challenges through consulting, creative directing and design. 


 -CEO Pasha Cook


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