Champs U Guide

Champs U Guide


As a former University of Memphis women's basketball player, who received her first athletic scholarship at age 24, Pasha Cook understands how difficult it is to pursue her career on the court and overcame the difficulties in transitioning to a career off the court. In this guide, she shares the tools she teaches in CHAMPS U, an educational workshop created to Empower student-athletes in identifying  the internal and external attributes they developed while participating in sports. Those attributes are then optimized to build a Champion's roadmap for transitioning from actively participating in sports into a successful life beyond the game.


In this workbook, you will:

  • Identify Athlete Identity
  • Identify specific issues that affect student-athletes
  • Identify the transferable skills of an athlete
  • Learn how to formulate a success plan
  • Learn how to create action steps to Champion life beyond the game


Every Champion Has a Journey. Let CHAMPS U Help You Create Yours!