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Have you ever known anyone who chose a career path for financial reasons, only to end up miserable and burned out because they lacked focus, clear direction, and passion? We’ve met them. We know them. You might be one of them! If this is you, you are in the right place.


Regardless of your career or your business, one thing you must know is YOU are a brand.    You must also understand there is a direct correlation between brand development and personal development. If you struggle with focus, lack direction, and desire understanding of what personal branding is and how it can be leveraged in creating career success, then Brand Yourself Like a Champion is for you.

In Brand Yourself Like a ChampionPersonal Branding Coach Pasha Cook removes the confusion and guesswork from branding by clearly defining what a personal brand is, assists you in evaluating yourself through interactive self-reflection exercises, and teaches you best practices so that you will add value and obtain clarity around your personal brand vision.


In this book you will:


  • Learn how to maximize your values and strengths
  • Position yourself to create career upward mobility
  • Understand why Personal Branding is very important.
  • Understand your target audience
  • Become the master of your niche
  • Discover online and offline tips, tools and techniques for building Intentional relationships

...and much, much more!


Take control of your future, learn the magic recipe to obtain opportunities you never dreamed of, and go to the next level of your career from the inside out!

Brand Yourself Like a Champion

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