My Recent Interview with Sara Geffrard, Founder of "A Dapper Chick" For Uber's Women's Empowerment

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

“Hailing from the city of Houston in Texas, Pasha's southern hospitality radiated in her welcome. On a moody Monday afternoon, we met inside of the recently closed Brown Butter Café located in BedStuy..."

As the baristas were breaking down, and the owner making her return to the tiny, soulful shop, Pasha unlocked the doors and let me in. "I didn't realized they closed early today, but we're good. This is one of my clients' establishments, we can hang out and chat here or there's a patio in the back that we're in the process of fixing." Pasha uttered these words as she greeted me with an embrace and a smile. She introduced me to the owner and we settled on the patio. 

I set up the camera and started snapping as we chatted about goals. I began wondering "who is Pasha Cook?"

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