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Helping Student Athletes Succeed Beyond the Game. Today's athletes have more pressure than ever to succeed on off the court as they are on the court.

Athletic Transitioning has become a focus area due to the many challenges athletes face when transitioning from being actively participating in sports. Athletic Identity and Athletic Transition are becoming huge topic via the news outlets and social media. Players into the “real world.” Social media has created a heightened awareness around the topic, and that awareness can be disturbing. Click here

As a former high school drop, who eventually returned to school at the age of 24 on an athletic scholarship; only to endure a career ending injury upon graduating from University of Memphis. I know what it feels like to suffer from Athletic Identity and to suffer the effects of Athletic Transitioning without a plan. More about me click here.

Potential negative effects of Athletic Transitioning click here:

Currently, I help student and pro athletes with preparing for their transition into the "real world," where there are no coaches or admins to hold them accountable for taking care of business. I also assist athletes with creating strategies and action plans for the next journey of their lives.




Hi Ms. Cook,



"Just wanted to share some feedback about my use of the Champs U self-assessment lesson in my Leadership classes. I found that in my experience using Champs U as a self-assessment tool it was of great value for my students as well as for myself as a facilitator. Students began to look at skills that they already possess as being of value to them in their life and careers. I found that when students meaningfully engaged in the discussion and writing portion of the self-assessment it allowed them to think about wider career possibilities for themselves, it pushed them to think about personal flaws and areas for improvement to see more positive outcomes.  It also pushed them to define themselves outside of the context of student or adolescent. I would say that the greatest benefit of using the Champs U curriculum in one short lesson was the light bulb moments that occurred for many students but even more powerful - the areas for digging deeper and doing more work for those who realized that they greatly undervalue or do not even recognize the value of skills they already possess. If Champs U were able to be used over the course of six to 8 lessons it could serve to reset students’ mindsets about a number of areas in both their personal and academic lives."
Best, Ms. Bozeman